Action Plan

The action plan guides you to manage and finish your quest

Successful businesses have an action plan that is designed specifically their mission and followed till those goals are reached, it works the same way in life. The action plan, establishes the clients vision of their life, the specific mission or task the client is undertaking, what the objective is, the strategy is formed on how to complete the task. Question like What, where, when, and how are discussed and after those steps are set in concrete the clients goal can begin. Without a good action plan and the willingness of the client to commit to following the plan, the clients dreams may not be realized. This is where a coach, encourages the client to keep moving forward they may discuss what happened to the progress if the client gets stuck. These are just a few reasons why someone needs a good action plan and coach to stay motivated. The client and coach discuss what direction the client wants to take in their life, this includes their desires, dreams, goals and what specific area the client wants to improve themselves in. It may be  wanting to be a better communicator at home and work or possibly a bit more complex in starting a business or expanding the business. What ever the goal the action plan will be designed to attain that goal. The action plan guides and acts like barometer as such as helping the client stay on track and moving toward the goal. the action plan provides a visual affect that the client can see what is getting done when each step of the goal is accomplished.