Humans seek relationship with other for many reasons some are; acceptance, love, communication. People have a need to feel they are accepted by others whether it is at home, with friends or at work. Very few humans don't want to be ignored or left out of an activity. Love is another reason for having a good relationship, it satisfies the emotional needs of human beings. Communication is anther important aspect of relationships, when people problems or issues needs they can talk to each other about the challenge and develop a solution. If their is lack of communication and the problem is left unresolved there are various other negative issues have a tendency to develop.

Having positive relationships and acceptance are important key factors that have an affect on your physical and emotional health. People need to feel they belong and nurtured, so they can properly develop, Evidence suggest a person may live longer, handle stress better and have overall better health. The negative side of not having a healthy relationship can affect disorders such as anxiety issues, panic attacks, depression and high blood pressure. The preceding are just a few results of unhealthy relationships. Relationships flow over to others in their life from personal relationships with family and friends to the workplace and even relationships with strangers. If a person has a negative reaction with a friend, they may unintentionally displace their frustration at someone not involved in the relationship. The coach will review various problem-solving strategies with the client on how to resolve relationship issues.