Completing your goals assist in accomplishing your dreams

Having goals provides  direction, motivation and confidence.  Once you have decided where you want to go in your life you need direction, it is like starting a journey without GPS or map. You may have an idea of hoe to get the destination, but you may get lost or delayed wasting time and effort those are irreplaceable. As you have set goals and you follow each you are not only on the correct path, but you are also being motivated each time your goal. Motivation helps to keep going to complete your goals, when you are successful it gives you more incentive to keep moving forward to complete the next task, and before you realize it you have completed all the tasks and have reached your goals. When you are confident and know your strengths, you can draw upon your courage during challenging times in life. Self-confidence provides you the proper perspective and helps you to realize what your limitations are and how to use your strengths to overcome those limitations. By knowing your abilities, that will assist you in maintaining focus while making decisions concerning your life.