Having purpose in life shapes our entire being the decisions we make, offers the direction and goals we deem important in our life, has an influence on our behavior, and assist in fulfilling our dreams and attaining our true potential. The challenge oftentimes is really not knowing what our true purpose in life is and it may change direction at various stages in our life. You may not always consciously think about your purpose in life or think about it in different way. Purpose has different meanings to every person, culture, religion, and time period. As in" the days of the great philosophers like, Aristotle who believes happiness is the "central purpose of human life and a goal in itself. ... Essentially, Aristotle argues that virtue is achieved by maintaining the Mean  which is the balance between two excesses. In the 1960's  people would say they are going to find themselves, to find their purpose. I believe each person has to determine what their specific purpose in life is,so they can start striving to reach it.Once they determine their purpose, they can start making their goals to reach their purpose and fulfill their true potential.