Stress Management

Stress Management provides tools to handle lifes challenges

Becoming over stressed isn't limited  to big life changing events such as death in the family, divorce, or loss of a job, but even small amount of stress contributes as well. Being late for work or an appointment, unexpected traffic jam when compiled together creates unwanted stress and then you may feel life is out of control. But there are ways to manage and when you overcome the challenge you are stronger to meet the next one, you keep on building confidence you are able to handle life's circumstances.

Stress, can affect your total well being, stress management, is vital for maintaining good overall health, without a good way to handle stress, many health concerns can develop and be detrimental to your in many areas of your life including; physically, emotionally, mentally and in relationships. There is a wide range of tools and exercises that will help to reset  your alarm when your overloaded with negative stress. When your body is constantly on high alert, chronic health issues may occur. After the initial session, the client and coach will decide which, stress reduction techniques will be most advantageous for the client.